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💚 Irish Sea Moss- One of Earths Best Kept Secrets 💚

100% Wildcrafted Carribean Product, Satisfaction Guaranteed

Sea Moss is renowned as one of the Great Dr. Sebi’s favorite sources of Nature for the healing and maintenance of our bodies.

Packed with 92 of the 102 minerals our bodies need, along with Vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K.

Sea Moss, A Superfood known as a Sea Vegetable Wild Harvested in the Carribean. is especially rich in calcium and iodine, as well as containing potassium iodide and potassium bromide, selenium, zinc and natural silica.

Not only is it very beneficial to the bones, joints and skin, helping to maintain bone strength and skin elasticity, it can also be applied topically to moisten and nourish the skin and hair.

🌱 SOME of the MANY Benefits of Sea Moss🌱
✅Cures Anemia:
Irish moss combats anemia by preventing iron deficiency and maintaining the red blood cells as well as the hemoglobin count.

✅Source of Energy:
The iron content of Irish moss helps in quick transportation of oxygen to your body cells.

✅Treats Thyroid Disorders:
Sea moss has an abundant amount of DI-Iodothyronine, which gets broken down by T3 that makes it an apt choice for treating the thyroid gland.

✅Relieves Respiratory Problems:
Being a potent source of potassium chloride, this sea moss dissolves the catarrhs or the phlegm and inflammation of the mucous membrane to prevent congestion.

✅Boosts Mental Health:
Sea moss has high amount of potassium, which are essential for the smooth functioning of your body cells. It also helps in improving the concentration and improves the muscle strength by offering instant energy to your body.

✅Promotes Recovery:
Irish moss can strengthen the connective tissues. It has several minerals and vitamins to help you recover from illnesses and diseases quickly by replenishing and supporting the immune system.

✅Improves Skin Health:
It can help in preventing skin inflammation, varicose veins, dysentery and halitosis. It is also known as a skin protector and softer, which works by nourishing the skin by maintaining its hydration level. The sea moss also repairs the skin from various issues like rashes, psoriasis, sun burns and eczema.

✅Aids In Quick Digestion:
Irish moss is loaded with rich fiber that makes it a mild and useful laxative. It can also soothe the tissues that are inflamed in the intestinal walls to offer good relied for all kinds of disorders. The demulcent properties that the sea moss has, helps in soothing the digestive tract mucous membranes. It also eases vomiting, gastritis, indigestion, dyspepsia, heartburn and nausea.

✅Helps in Weight Loss:
Regular consumption of Irish moss would help in keeping obesity at bay. Being a low calorie food item and rich in nutrients, it can make a great choice for all weight loss programs. Its prowess to absorb the moisture, improving its volume and fills the intestinal tract with its bulk material, thereby offering a fuller feeling to prevent you from binge eating and snacking.

It also helps in eliminating the waste by passing it along the gastrointestinal tract. The rich iodine content in it accelerates the thyroid function, energy and promotes weight loss.

✅Prevents Radiation Poisoning
The iodine content found in Irish moss helps in curbing the side effects of the radiation therapy. It can be used in the diet of cancer patients to provide better relief. It also aids in the recovery from cancer and poisoning caused by radiation. This seaweed can absorb the toxic substances from bowel and make sure the radiation poisoning

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