About Us

About Nature of Love

   We started this wonderful business as a family back in 2016, and we haven’t looked back ever since. Despite being the first supplier of authentic sea moss in pill form, our American family-owned business has still a long way to go.

We try and use our own products

   Our testament to using our own products is just the tip of the iceberg. It has come a long way from learning what the sea moss benefits are to what it actually did to us as a family. When some members of our family went through some health issues, we turned to organic sea moss to give us an effective supplement. Moreover, when we need to strengthen our immune system, we also turn to organic sea moss. Because of this experience, Nature of Love was started, and it has been continuing to promote good health through the use of organic sea moss. Selling organic sea moss in pill form is our gesture to share to the world that sea moss has a lot of benefits that can help in improving your health.

Our vocation to be Organic

   Although sea moss can be available somewhere else, we devote all our efforts to producing sea moss pills in the most organic way possible. We travel as much as we can and cover more ground further to find other natural sources of sea moss and to make our products as organic as possible. We do not say that sea moss farms are not effective, but the organic sea moss ingredient can definitely bring more to the plate. Our company name, Nature of Love, is derived from the fact that our products directly come from nature and that they are produced based on our love for her. Thus, our products stand out, and we have come a long way in becoming the first sea moss pill supplier, not to mention an organic one, too.

Our company culture transcends from helping out further

   We promote sea moss through our products as a great supplement that can improve your health. However, we are not stopping on that. As a company, Nature of Love donates 5% of our total sales to help inner-city farming programs. Helping in some way is a kind of gesture that we’re honored to do.