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1-2 TBSP Daily with your favorite smoothie

Sea moss, also known as Irish moss, red algae or Chondrus crispus, offers us a variety of health benefits.

💚Thyroid Support
Then, of course, there is the iodine, which is highly concentrated in sea moss and this is serious fuel for the thyroid. Selenium is also present in abundance and is a necessary factor in our thyroid.

💚Mental/Emotional Health
Sea moss is jam packed full of potassium. The cells of the body cannot function without potassium, though strangely our bodies do not have a mechanism to conserve potassium. Adding high-potassium foods like sea moss to the diet can significantly improve behavior and mental functioning. Irish moss is also an excellent source of a range of B vitamins, which are well known for supporting the nervous system and reducing stress.

If all that wasn’t enough, sea moss contains algin. This phytonutrient has therapeutic value as a heavy metal detoxifying agent – meaning it helps pull heavy metals out of the tissues of our system.

💚Digestive Health
Sea moss has a mucilaginous consistency, meaning it can help act as a soothing and healing agent to all mucous membranes (great for external skin health and internal digestive tract health)

💚Immune Support
Sea moss helps relieve and prevent symptoms of colds, how perfect for the cold season, but also for year round immunity. Irish moss is a source of potassium chloride, a nutrient which helps to dissolve phlegm.


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